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About the Author – A traveller with a passion for photography & a photographer with a passion for travel.

Over the years , I’ve experimented with various types of travel finding my passion and stride as a traveller and a photographer. I want those “authentic” travel experiences like photographing the old Cretan freedom fighter with the handlebar moustache wearing tall black cretan boots or being invited into a 450 year old Venetian house by its 92 year old owner up in the Cretan white mountains where tourists don’t go.  Having masala chai in a modest family home in Jaisalmer in the Thar desert  or being drawn into a humble family party in the back alleys of Gaziantepp are the experiences that leave great memories.  And so, the multi-destination, up at 6am tour, has evolved to trips either on my own or with a few good friends. Trips where I can settle in, wander and just get to know a place.  It is no longer a dash to see every tourist site.  I visit what interests me and what I want to photograph.  The rest I leave without hesitation or guilt.

This blog is to share my experiences and images and hopefully provide enjoyment and inspiration to others to experience the world.

Please visit my website  www.claraarnold.com for many, many more images.



I've been hooked on travel and photography for a long time and still get that feeling of excitement every time I head to the airport. This blog is to share the the wonderful experiences and images and provide travel inspiration to others. Instagram

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